EmI passed my PPL in April 2016 but have been flying in small aircraft as a passenger since 2011, as my husband’s addiction began a bit before mine.

I’ve been lucky enough to tour the UK and Europe in light aircraft and have some incredible adventures, and more recently I have discovered the world of kit built aircraft. I can’t imagine my life without aviation.

So what’s the point of this blog?

Sharing the fun: I post about flying experiences – photos, routes, recommendations for airfields and tips for exploring new places. Most of the flying we do is in the UK and Europe but we have plans to get further afield so watch this space 🙂

Following progress with our kit-built plane: My husband I are building a Vans RV-14A kit aircraft in our garage. This is entirely bonkers, but it’s fun to blog about and a nice way to keep track of progress and share with other builders.

Hearing from role models: I get to meet and hear from some amazing women in the world of aviation. I’m hoping to share their stories and perhaps inspire others to follow the same path.

Happy flying!

Em x

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  1. Hello Emily,
    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but the reason I’m writing is that I am seriously considering embarking on a RV14A project. Five years ago I completed a RV9A (G-XCRJ) which I have been flying (based Bournemouth) since then. I always thought that I would never put myself through another homebuild (I’m sure you’re discovering what a huge commitment you’ve take on?) but I seem to have gone completely mad and am considering putting myself through it all over again. It would have to be a Vans and the 14 would be my only option.
    Anyway, I would appreciate it if I could get in touch sometime just to exchange thoughts on the project (but please do not worry at all if you would prefer not to).
    Hope we can speak sometime and good luck with the building,
    Thank you,

    Robbie Jones

    1. Hi Robbie, lovely to meet you at the weekend – good luck with your impending build, we’re expecting to hear that you’ve ordered a kit any day now 🙂

      Emily & J

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