A bit of a random collection of jobs today.

First, I riveted the canopy hinges together. After a mammoth deburring and priming session this week, we have lots of canopy attach parts ready to be assembled and I was looking for a quick job to do this evening. I used the pneumatic squeezer, which easily gives the best and most consistent finish if the rivets are accessible.

Canopy hinges either side, elevator bellcrank in the middle

J also assembled the elevator bellcrank ready for me as I had the squeezer out anyway, so I got that done as well.

Next, we did some more work to get the brake lines (which we measured, fed through and cut last week) into final position. The holes in the spar that they feed through are protected by little black plastic grommets, which are super-fiddly to get into place. After struggling for the whole time I was riveting, J asked me to try with smaller hands – still a lot of faff but doable for me.

Plastic grommets through which the brake lines are fed

We then did some more puzzling about how we are going to attach the Beringer park-brake. We have measured out and fabricated some brackets for it, but it’s surprisingly difficult to tell from the Beringer instructions which is the ‘on’ and which is the ‘off’ position, which obviously affects the length of the brake lines and also which way around we want to attach (and the design of the brackets we will use to do so).

Beringer park-brake with one of our fabricated brackets

We have now figured out what’s required, but annoyingly when trying to get some of the parts into position this evening, we discovered we have mis-measured two of the holes we drilled by about half a hole diameter. We *both* measured independently and twice each, and still got it wrong! Ah well, it’s happened before and it’ll happen again! At least we have plenty of spare angle as there was a minimum length when we ordered…

Rudder pedals with brake lines and park-brake mounted under the panel assembly

Back to the drawing board on that bracket, but at least the others are ready and we now know which way around to attach them.

We’re away with work quite a bit until after Easter, so will likely update again then 🙂

RV-14 build: Canopy hinges & more work on the brakes

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