Today we finished riveting this section of the ribs to the fuselage floor skin – some of the holes towards the edge are deliberately left open to facilitate joining to the tailcone later on, but it feels like a milestone nonetheless.

We’re still amazed when such a thin and apparently flimsy skin suddenly acquires rigidity when it is riveted to the internal rib structures – we found this with the tailcone and it’s starting to happen with the main fuselage section now. We’re really happy with how the flush rivets have come out, it’s almost a shame they’re on the underside where no one will see!

We turned the structure over again and the next challenge was to join this section to the firewall and floor assembly we’d set aside after completing it some weeks back.

It took some massaging (and definitely needed two people – minimum – to move it!) but we’ve got it in place and clecoed now. It’s huge and quite exciting, and also now taking up way too much space in the workshop!

This coming week we’ll be trying to get the side skins deburred and primed, then riveting those in place if we get time.

Happy flying!

Em x


RV-14 build: Making it bigger!

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