We were so excited to see a video of the third Van’s RV-14 ever to fly. It was built by Mitch Lock, East Coast Rep for Van’s Aircraft, Inc. over 5 years, and he’s done an incredible job!

Here’s Mitch’s video of his first flight.

It’s amazing to see how emotional Mitch is about the experience of building and flying your own plane. It is not his first build, but it is clearly still a wonderful feeling to be up in the air in something you’ve dedicated so much of yourself to creating.

It’s definitely provided us with some much-needed inspiration as we get underway, thank you Mitch…hopefully that will be us one day!

Whilst the RV-14 is only just going through the final stages of sign-off in the UK, it has been approved in the US and several other countries for years, so they have had a head start on us and at the moment there are three finished planes flying.

Now,¬†where’s my rivet gun…?

Get to it, Em!
Get to it, Em!

Happy flying!

Em x

RV-14 build: Some timely inspiration

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