Busy week of pre-assembly on the fuselage floor!

There was a lot of dimpling to do on the ribs to get them ready for riveting. Once complete, we laid them out in the correct configuration to get an idea of how the floor assembly would look. Did I mention we’ve lost the house again?!

We then clecoed up the floor skins and ribs and added the top skins as well. There is some fluting to do on the ribs to line up the holes before any further prep is done. Subtlety is key as it’s easy to overdo it, so it’s worth making a series of minor adjustments even if it takes longer. It’s amazing how it suddenly comes together!

The spare bed was sacrificed for some final tweaks – a good elevated position to allow us to turn it easily and get underneath it to switch the clecos around. Yes, the garage and workbenches were initially designed for this purpose, but those are somewhat taken up by the aft fuselage and a massive collection of ribs just now, so we have been improvising and the project has been encroaching on the house!

We are waiting a bit to rivet this lot together, as once it is done we will not be able to get it through the door and will be somewhat limited in our options for storing it – we will be progressing with the firewall in the meantime until we have more storage sorted out…

RV-14 build: Fuselage floor progress

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