After all the prep involved in the Horizontal Stabilizer (HS) spars, doublers and caps, we were looking forward to getting the rivets in. They didn’t disappoint!


Front and rear spars and centre support riveted
Front and rear spars and centre support riveted

There’s something very satisfying about putting together individually flimsy bits of metal and watching them become rock solid when they’re riveted into place. The rivet density on these pieces is absolutely insane, so not only does riveting add a great deal of strength and mass, it also looks quite impressive once you’re done!

HS rivets 2

The best part is that the rivets on spars are very accessible, so they can be done with a pneumatic squeezer, which gives a lovely consistent finish.

Pneumatic rivet squeezer
Pneumatic rivet squeezer

I’m starting to worry about us, we are using words like ‘lovely’ and ‘pretty’ to describe large collections of metal… 🙂


RV-14 build: HS continued – a whole load of rivets!

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